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Barely Visible Bikinis is your choice for custom made, individually tailored bikini competition suits; Perfectly suitable for bikini photoshoots, bikini contests, swimsuit pageants, IFBB,INBF/WNBF, NPC, Muscle Mania, Olympia and the Arnold Classic bikini division fitness competitions.

All our contest suits come with Scrunch Bottom at no extra cost (Rhinestone Bow, Optional)






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  • purple-bikini-competition-contest-suit-custom-1456951987-jpg

    Purple Bikini Competition Contest suit Custom made any color

  • enter-product-title-here-1456951640-jpg

    Red Rhinestone Bikini Contest Competition Suit Clustered Stunning Stones

  • purple-custom-made-rhinestone-bikini-contest-1456951547-jpg

    Purple Custom made Rhinestone Bikini Contest Competition Bikini suit

  • pretty-in-pink-multi-colored-rhinestonebikini-1456951406-jpg

    Pretty In Pink Multi colored RhinestoneBikini Competition Contest suit

  • black-rhinestone-custom-bikini-competition-co-1456951298-jpg

    Black Rhinestone Custom Bikini Competition Contest suit

  • cs2001proven-winner-bikini-competition-suit-1456861575-jpg

    CS2001Proven Winner Bikini Competition suit

  • mint-green-with-cream-lace-overlay-and-rhines-1437250024-jpg

    Mint Green With Cream Lace Overlay and Rhinestone Competition Bikini

  • cs011-strawberry-shortcake-bikini-competition-1437169722-jpg

    CS011 Strawberry Shortcake Bikini Competition Contest Suit

  • tiffany-blue-aqua-scrolling-rhinestones-compe-1437151136-jpg

    Tiffany Blue Aqua Scrolling Rhinestones Competition Bikini

  • cs009-npc-procut-back-bikini-1437159382-jpg

    CS009 NPC ProCut Back Bikini

  • cs006-tealiffic-teal-bikini-competition-suit-1437158134-jpg

    CS006 Tealiffic Teal Bikini Competition Suit with Pushup Pads

  • cs002-kelly-emerald-green-with-envy-bikini-co-1437153738-jpg

    CS002 Kelly Emerald Green with Envy Bikini Competition Suit Micro Scrunch Butt NPC Padded Push up Tr

  • cs004-grapeaid-pinup-pushup-top-adds-a-cup-s-1437153119-jpg

    CS004 Grapeaid Pinup Pushup Top (Adds a Cup Size)

  • cs011-b-bikini-contest-competition-suit-rhine-1365615501-jpg

    CS010 Bikini Contest Competition Suit Rhinestone side scrunched Butt NPC IFBB

  • cs008-custom-made-purple-bikini-competition-s-1437152249-jpg

    CS008 Custom made Purple Bikini Competition suit

  • cs007-bikini-swimsuit-competition-rhinestone-1437147126-jpg

    CS007 Bikini swimsuit competition Rhinestone dangle chain connector sides

Displaying 1 - 16 of 1471234