Custom Suits Made To Fit You Perfectly


  • ap03-a-purple-figure-suit-with-scroll-rhinest-1436647963-jpg

    FG33 Purple Figure Suit With Scroll Rhinestone Design

  • custom-design-cs0115-1336738602-png

    CS035 Custom Design Bikini contest Competition suit Hooter Orange

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  • cs4102-custom-design-1337227552-jpg

    CS038 Custom Design add a full cup top scrunch butt

  • hot-pink-liquid-triangle-top-cs4000-1336713467-jpg

    CS043 Hot Pink LIquid Triangle Top

    $175.00 $149.00
  • custom-design-cs0104-1336714664-jpg

    CS053 Red Bikini with Red and crystal side connectors Custom Design

  • custom-design-cs0109-1336737971-jpg

    CS057 Power padded Push up Bikini Custom Design CS0109

  • custom-design-cs0110-1336738065-jpg

    CS058 Custom Design Padded Push up underwire top

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  • custom-design-cs0119-1336739370-jpg

    AP35 Custom Figure Physique Posing suit Rhinestone push up top

  • figure-physique-suit-pf051-1335998889-jpg

    AP26 Figure Physique Posing Suit Orange Rhinestone Pushup padded underwire top